500 Self-Care Ideas To Reduce Anxiety and depression (Ebook)


A great resource to give you ideas on simple ways that you can create opportunities for self-care to reduce the stress and anxiety in your life.


Depression is considered to be a mood disorder that is subjected to many factors including anxiety and stress. According to the world health organization, about 280 million people are experiencing depression which is very worrisome, because it is most likely to be the gateway to many other underlying illnesses.

Most people who pass through the depression stage benefit from being enlightened on the ways to reduce it. There are proven ways in which depression can be reduced. Melanie O?Brien?s book titled ?500 ways to reduce depression and anxiety contains rich content that provides effective solutions to depression.

Do you know that one of the causes of depression is accumulated fears? Most times we create it by ruminating about things that we have little control about. Thinking about things beyond our control dresses them with fear and anxiety, and when it occurs, will lead to a stage of depression. This book contains natural antidotes that help in reducing depression and they are mostly ? do it yourself antidotes’ that can be applied anywhere and anytime.

One of the reasons why people can be depressed is linked to the consistent use of social media platforms. They fail to understand that the lifestyle displayed on social media is mostly fiction.? People who flash luxuries do so just to make a fantasy of them, but this pattern has made many people believe they are inferior to them and has drowned them in the pool of depression thinking they are irrelevant in society. Limiting the use of social media for a while helps you to have self-control about the thing revolving around you. ?500 ways to overcome depression and anxiety contains more steps that can help you build confidence and reduce some of the thoughts that take away your peace.

Most people are in denial of the fact that some red flags act as triggers to depression. Yet, they neglect these signs and it is at the moment when it has taken a toll on them, that they’ll begin to search for a possible way out. This book contains useful tips that can inhibit its effect of it. The intriguing aspect of this book is that you don?t need to wait until you’re diagnosed with this ailment before you start to find a way out. The steps in this book are meant for all.? It is not segregated to only depressed people, anyone can have access to it and put into practice these things. After digesting all the content in this book you’ll begin to experience a new dimension of a healthy life.


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