200 ways to reduce stress and anxiety (Ebook)


  • Feeling overwhelmed and like you?re on a treadmill that you can?t get off?
  • Starting to work/life is balancing?
  • Not sure where to start to reduce your stress or anxiety?


We are in a society where the demand in terms of work activities is very high. Few people can cope with the unending demand that society throws at us. Cases resulting in High blood pressure might arise due to the inability of individuals to manage and conquer stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety have been one of the causes of the high mortality rate we have in our society. It is high time we stopped these plaques from shortening the life span of people. Melanie O?Brien?s book titled ? 200 ways to relieve stress and anxiety has helped many people eliminate stress from their lives and made them live a healthy and happy life.

The book covers all that is needed in terms of stress and anxiety management and it helps to reveal some techniques that might look infinitesimal to people but it goes a long way in subduing the effect of stress and anxiety-related issues.

Do you know that breathing can help significantly reduce stress from the body? Have you ever noticed the breathing pattern of those that are under panic and anxiety attacks? If you do, you’ll notice how fast their heartbeat is. When the heart beats faster it tightens the lungs and reduces the air that we breathe which can fuel stress and anxiety in the body. This book highlights the right way to breathe and maintain normalcy when passing through such events.

Most people don?t know that laughter is not only good medicine for the soul but is also one of the best anti-stress techniques that can be used to reduce its effect.

Another important factor that can either reduce stress or worsen it, is the type of food we consume. Foods like caffeine should be avoided when a person is experiencing stress-induced symptoms because it can worsen the condition. The best types of food can include bananas and citrus fruits. The book contains foods that need to be avoided and also consumed to reduce stress. Getting this book will give you full insight into it.

The steps are part of the 200 ways that can help reduce stress and anxiety. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine yourself being exposed to the 200 ways and watch how you’ll free yourself from the anxiety issues you?re encountering.? This book is beneficial to engage in and within a short period of time and after applying the steps in this book you’ll be welcomed to a stress-free lifestyle and habit.

? In a society where stress is rampant, there is a need to reduce its effect of it, making it redundant.? We need to say a big NO! To this ailment and embrace a life free from stress ?


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