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Best Self Care Products 2022 | The New You For 2023

This post is the best guide of tried and true best self care products 2022 that you?ll find. Turn up the heat now on your self care routine. These products will feel like a gift to yourself. You deserve it! Bring on the new you for 2023.




Best Self Care Products 2022 | The New You for 2023 - 1


These self care products have been tested by those feeling stressed, overworked, fatigued and in the need of some loving. Focus on your health and wellbeing with this check list of self care products that every girl needs.

Feel rejuvenated, less stressed and become the best version of you ready for 2023.



In this post I will share with you the best self care products 2022.



What you need to know before purchasing your next self care or wellness product.



1. Dusk Candles

Dusk candles is my favourite candle shop. You can find glasshouse candles, tealight candles, scented candles, Christmas candles, wax melts and many more. There is literally a type of candle for everyone at Dusk.

Dusk candles are all vegan friendly and their suppliers are cruelty free. I love that this company is responsible and caring towards animals. It says a a great deal about a company?s ethics and helps consumers decide where they want to spend their money. A big thumbs up!

Over 5000 years ago candles light was a versatile form of lighting. Now days we tend to use candles to create ambiance in the room, for a celebration, relaxation and to add a beautiful scent.

To me a home is not complete without candles.

Here is what our group of testers decided as their favourite dusk candles.


Glasshouse candles

You can drool over all the scent choices of Dusk candles. Our favourite ? Lavender and Rose (Calm). The scent isn?t too powerful but adds a nice aroma to the air. I love having the candle flickering whilst in the bath. It adds a touch that turns a bathroom into a day spa.


Tealight candles

Stock up on your favourite scented tealight candles. There?s so many to choose from. The hardest thing is making a decision! But the consensus with the testers was that guava-strawberry was the best.

It?s not just the colour and smell that we love about the tealight candles but the fact that the candles are made using active-air technology. The candles have been designed to eliminate odours. Perfect for the home, office or for a gift.


Scented candles

What says ?romance? more than a scented pillar candle! The Lychee and black tea Tibet offers a sweet and exotic smell and has a burn time of up to 65 hours.


Start planning that romantic date night now! Dusk candles can be your centrepiece for romance.

Dusk candles are on our list for the best self care products 2022.


2. Massage Oil

Think tranquillity, floating on a cloud and pure serenity. That?s what you?ll enjoy with our top choice for massage oil. Where to buy massage oil? Look no further than the cruelty free company, Oil Garden from Byron Bay in Australia.

This is the best massage oil to help you de-stress and be transported into a world of bliss. This body and massage oil can be used in the bath by adding 10-20 drops or as a moisturiser.

Add the quality Byron Bay Tranquil and Calm Massage and body Oil to your list of best self care products 2022.

If you?re after a face massage oil then we recommend the organic rosehip oil. The face massage oil is filled with nourishing vitamins to help your skin look healthier and vibrant.

Massage oil benefits are endless and who can say no to releasing all your stress and tension. After a long week at work or running around after the kids ? your muscles will thank you when using the Oil Garden Massage Oil.

We recommend these quality massage oils as part of the best self care products 2022.


Best Self Care Products 2022 | The New You for 2023 - 3


3. Bath bombs

Are you looking for a bath bomb that?s cruelty free, vegan and sends you into the deepest, most satisfying sleep. Check out the Lush Deep Sleep Lavender and Chamomile Bath Bomb.

The benefit of bath bombs is that they not only add sensory pleasure to your bath time routine but Lush bath bombs also add quality oils with a range of benefits.

Using bath bombs can assist you in your self care with relaxation, gentle soothing, delightful smell and some even come with glitter to add sparkle to your bath time. Feel like you?re in a sparkly fantasy world whilst be encompassed by Lush goodness.

The use of bath bombs is easy. Just place in the bath water and they will slowly dissolve. Do bath bombs expire? Yes. So please check the packaging for the expiry date. But I don?t think Lush Bath Bombs will last in your household for long!

Bath bombs on display in your bathroom can add a touch of class and elegance and off course fill your nostrils with the most beautiful, pleasurable scents.

Want to share the love? Looking for a bath bombs gift set? Yes Lush can customize a bath bombs gift set just for you.

Add these bath bombs to your best self care products 2022. Trust me ? you won?t regret it!


4. Best Greens Powder

There are so many greens powder benefits but studying the ingredients is vital to ensuring you?re getting the most bang for your buck. Our favourite is the Vital all-in-one.

Vital greens powder all-in-one is dairy and gluten free, vegan friendly and it has a massive 14 billion probiotics and 78 vital ingredients. Imagine what that can do for your body!

If you?re worried about the taste and want to know how to make greens powder taste better then I suggest adding it to your smoothies or to your cereal. Our go to smoothie is banana, frozen mango, almond milk, maple syrup and Vital greens powder. Yum! So good for your body and your tastebuds.

If you?re looking for greens powder recipes you can access your free recipe book here. Thinking of other greens powder options? Try the organic greens powder which contains kale, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass and wheat grass.

You can find the Organic greens powder here.

Feel better on the inside and out with the Vital Greens Powder. Add this to your shopping list. We did for the best self care products 2022.


5. Water bottle

How much water should you drink in a day? Find out the answer here. Needless to say having a water bottle with you at all times encourages you to drink more.

It can be so easy to become distracted with work and children and before you know it it?s mid afternoon and that headache is starting from dehydration. So the answer – keep a water bottle with you. But what is the best water bottle?

Our favourite is the Yeti water bottle.

The Yeti Rambler is an insulated water bottle, a stainless steel water bottle and will keep drinks icy cold.

You can also purchase a water bottle with a straw, and a water bottle kids.

The quality of Yeti products are outstanding and can last a lifetime with the proper care. I?ve lost count how many times I?ve dropped my water bottle whilst out hiking but it?s so hardy that it?s still in one piece!

There are so many water bottles, coolers and bags to choose from plus accessories. Not to mention all the colour choices. My personal favourite is the colour Seam Foam.

Our bodies need water. Stay hydrated with a Yeti water bottle.

Definitely add the Yeti water bottle to the best self care products of 2022.


6. Journal

A journal is great place for dumping all those pesky thoughts that keep you overthinking and awake at night. Doing a brain dump can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Let your words and thoughts cascade out of your mind.

Fun fact ? Did you know that in 1888 an American named Thomas William Holley created the first legal pad! In 1924 the spiral notebook was used by English Inventor Edward Podosek.

You can Journal ideas and thoughts and be kind to the environment with this Australian Wildflowers journal.

Using recycled paper, a plastic free wire and a portion is donated to care for native wildlife and restore habitat. It feels so good to know that you can help our environment. What more could you ask for in a journal notebook?

You can add an abundance of journal entries, journal reflection and journal about life with the massive 200 pages.

Is journaling good for you? Absolutely. Journaling can help to reduce stress, help you process your emotions, offer you solutions and can help your overall wellbeing.

If you need a little help with journal ideas then here is a link to 99+ journal prompts.

The Australian Wildlife journal is on our list for the best self care products 2022.


7. Fruits and Vegetables

To feel the best we possibly can and to protect against disease, we need to fuel our bodies with the right vitamins and minerals. Fruit and vegetable benefits are undeniable.

To keep us healthy we should be eating at least 5 serves of vegetables a day and 2 serves of fruit. The fibre from fruit and vegetables can prevent us from overeating as we feel satiated for longer.

To keep the cost down choose fruits and vegetables in season. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables can help our overall health which can reduce the number of doctor visits.

Fruits and vegetables can make great gift hampers too. Take a look below.

Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing but imagine the surprise and happiness on the receivers face! But don?t miss out – there are many places that offer a subscription type service of fruit and vegetable boxes. The fruit and vegetable boxes are great for if you?re time poor but don?t want to compromise your health.

If you are looking for even more convenience then getting cooked healthy meals delivered to your doorstep may be the answer. We love youfoodz as they have a vegetarian option and use fresh ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables need to be on our list of best self care products 2022 as without our health we can?t possibly feel our best for 2023.


Best Self Care Products 2022 | The New You for 2023 - 4


8. Essential Oils

You may be wondering what are essential oils. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy. The concentrated oils are extracted from plants using either steam or water distillation or through cold pressing. There are many types of essential oils with many different benefits.

Our favourite essential oils are by Australian company Eco Modern Essentials. For the ultimate relaxation and quality sleep we recommend the Relax and Unwind Essential Trio.

The Relax and Unwind Essential Trio contains Lavender Pure Essential Oil, Sleep Essential Oil blend and Destress Essential Oil blend. Not only will you love the product but you?ll love the savings by buying in a Trio rather than separately.

How the essential oils are used:
? By adding 6-8 drops to your diffuser.
? Inhaling from the bottle when you feel the need to de-stress.
? For steam inhalation try adding 2-3 drops to the base of your shower.
? For quality sleep add a drop to your pillow and dream away.

Just the thought brings images of relaxation!

If you?re searching for a self care gift for a loved one. We recommend looking here:

Your mind and body will thank you with these essential oils.

So for the ultimate relaxation and serenity add Eco Modern Essential oils to the best care products 2022.


9. Probiotics

Probiotics, when ingested, add live microorganisms to our gut which aids our health and wellbeing. This bacteria naturally lives in our body but when we get sick the bad bacteria increases. By consuming probiotics and adding the good bacteria it can help to reduce the bad bacteria.

If you want to increase your health and wellness then probiotics can certainly help.

If you?re looking to consume probiotics in your food start eating products such as yoghurt, fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh and sourdough bread.

You may be wondering when the best time to take probiotics is and if probiotics should be taken with food. Probiotics are best taken with a meal and later in the day so either lunch or dinner. By having food in your stomach it helps the good bacteria thrive.

Our favourite probiotic is Blackmores Probiotics and daily health. We love that this formulation does not require you to keep them in the fridge.

To keep your body in balance we recommend Blackmores Probiotics and daily health.

A healthy gut helps to keep a healthy mind. This is why we?ve added probiotics to the best self care products 2022.



Finding the best self care products can be challenging. I hope you?ve enjoyed this list of best self care products 2022. This post has been about highlighting the products that can help you reach the pinnacle of health and wellness ready to step into 2023.


  • Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the companies featured in this article.


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